Tips for Writing Texts to Win Her Over

Remember those corny Hey-Girl memes that did the social media circuits a few years back? The captions said things like, “Hey, Girl, I thought you needed a night off, so I’d like to do the dishes” or “Hey, Girl, can I pour you some wine while you tell me what you found on Pinterest today?”

If you want to send winning sexts to your transgender girlfriend, I suggest you take a look at these cheesy memes. Although they aren’t sexts, the premise of their success is the same as the kind of sexting that will work with a woman and turn her on.

Think about these tips when trying to text your way to a woman’s heart, and through her panties.

Put her first.

Whether you’re sending racy sexts or chatting online in hopes of getting her interest, prioritizing her in every way is essential to success.

If your main interest is her comfort, excitement, arousal, pleasure, happiness, health, and fun, you can’t go wrong.

This isn’t because women are selfish or self-absorbed, but rather that their natural disposition is to crave your attention but want to please you first. This often leaves a woman feeling ignored or used in the dating world.

Keep your sexy messages focused on her. If you text “I want my dick in your mouth tonight,” you just might find out her number’s out of service when you call.

Speak with an affectionate tone. 

A woman wants to be liked and adored for who she is—her beauty, her funny quirks, everything—so if you want to get her in the mood with some sweet nothings, don’t act as if any naked chick will do.

She might not be expecting a long-term love affair, but she still wants to be treated like a person, not a blow-up doll with genitalia. She wants to have an interaction with you that includes her personality, so don’t just send dirty talk about her body parts.

Acknowledge the person in the body.  Ask about her day to day, before jumping into the sexy stuff.

Be emotion in motion.

Even a no-strings-attached relationship is better for a woman if she feels an emotional connection. In all the Hey-Girl memes it’s not just about the narrator’s undivided attention and prioritization of the object, but the emotional nature of the silly statements.

I’m not talking about her secretly wanting an emotional commitment, but the reality that a woman is much more aroused and receptive when she feels an emotional tie, whether it’s a lasting love or a one-night hookup. Sex is better for us with feelings and a bond.

You don’t have to fake anything or lay it on too thick. Simply acknowledging a connection and understanding that she is a unique human being is all that’s necessary.

Tell her how she makes your body feel. Tell her how you hope your body can make HER feel. Detached biology like, “I want to stick my dick in your butthole” is going to leave her cold. Saying “I can’t describe how amazing you make me feel when you wiggle that beautiful butt of yours when you walk” will get you a lot further!

Here are a few samples of sexts that incorporate these simple tips:

“I can’t even keep track of how many times I thought about your beautiful body today.”

“I want you to orgasm against my lips.”

“How much longer until I get to kiss your neck?”

“I dreamed about you last night. You were topless and so sexy.”

“I loved how hot and wet you got last night. I can’t stop thinking about you”

How much sexy you put into your texts will correspond to how far you are into your relationship, how casual or how serious you both want things to be.

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