Tips for Casual TS Dating

What is casual dating? To me and most of my lady friends it entails relationships without obligation, short-term flings, one-night hookups, or friends-with-benefits arrangements.

There are lots of different reasons women choose casual dating over serious relationships: she’s not ready after a recent breakup, she’s focused on her career or passions, she has kids, she’s polyamorous and already has a primary partner, she wants more sexual experience, she’s a free bird and likes the adventure a casual-dating lifestyle offers.

Whether you prefer to take the casual route when it comes to dating, or want a woman who won’t take things too seriously, here are some tips.

Tips for the Casual Dater

Be Honest. This might mean telling her right away when you meet in a bar, or in your online dating profile, that you only want casual relationships. You won’t cast as wide a net, but you won’t come off as an asshole either.

Answer Her Questions. You don’t necessarily need to reveal your monthly dating schedule or who your Thursday girl is, but if she asks about other women in your life, be straight up (use discretion, of course.) This is the quickest way to weed out the trans women who really want something more (even if they say they don’t).

Give Her All the Respect. Some men think that they can treat ladies with less respect if they aren’t full-fledged girlfriends. No, boys! Give every woman in your life the same respect you would your sister and mother. Your reputation is important.

Practice Safe Sex. Sleeping around is all well and good, but do yourself a favor and always have condoms and other forms of protection on hand. Keep a few condoms in your wallet if you’re going to her place for the night.

Monitor the Feelings. This means hers, and yours. Men have an easier time separating sex and feelings than women. Be conscious and if you sense she’s falling, have a conversation. You never know, love can bloom from casual beginnings if you’re both on the same page.

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