How to Get Your Trans Lover in the Mood

If it seems like other guys get more sex with their girlfriends, don’t assume that they are more attractive, richer, or anything more than you.

Getting your trans girlfriend in the mood for sex more often is not just about chance or luck. Turning a woman on is a skill you can learn.


What do women want? Well, for one thing, we want to be validated. We are ordinary human beings with insecurities, struggles, and real bodies. We have good days and bad, strengths and weaknesses.

To connect with another human for sex, romance, or lasting love, we embrace each other as real people. So before the sex can even begin, we are forming a connection and our chemistry responds to that connection.

We want to be seen, understood, and appreciated. Let her know what you admire about her, and what you find beautiful about her..

Comfort and Security

For a woman to really get into sex, she needs to be comfortable and secure and having fun. Again, showing your appreciation for what she does and how she looks goes a long way. Keeping things lighthearted and enjoying each other’s company are key platforms for lots of hot sex. When I feel good, I am liberated to initiate and enjoy sex.


Start the ball rolling well in advance by keeping things simmering. The longer we are in the mood, the more in the mood we can be. Women aren’t as on/off as men. Our sexuality is more holistic—something we wear and “do” even when we aren’t actually “doing it.”

You can keep her in constant dreamy anticipation just by sending occasional sexy reminders, kissing her passionately and unexpectedly with promises of later, and telling her how much you’re looking forward to being with her.


The more attention you pay a woman, the more sex she wants, the hotter things get.

You’ll notice this one ties in with all the others. Notice her hair, pay attention to the fact that she matched her lingerie for you, and don’t take those things for granted.

Nothing turns us off more than if you ignore us or pay attention to other women and not us. We know you look at other women, but if you want to have sex with us, spend your time with us WITH us. You can pay attention to anyone else when we aren’t around.

Call when you say you will. Consider our interests. Think about our sexual pleasure when we’re in bed. A little attention leads to major payoffs in bed!

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