Tips for Choosing Dating Profile Pics

Are you on dating sites and not attracting the right kind of woman, or any women at all?

Women aren’t as visual as men when it comes to attraction. A great sense of humor or a passionate spirit can make an average joe look hot to most of us, but with online dating, a profile picture is the first thing we see.

This is why the pictures you choose to accompany your profile matter. A good picture is what will have us clicking on your profile to learn more about you. All too often, men don’t put the effort into creating a profile that stands out from the rest.

Tips for Choosing Dating Profile Pictures

Use more than one. Some men send messages without a single pic! This is astounding to me, and these messages go straight to the trash. You not only need one, but a few to give us a sense of yourself.

Keep your clothes on. There is no need to advertise the full package, top or bottom. If you’re in shape or athletic, you can talk about it in your profile. Leaving something to the imagination is far more alluring than showing what you have up front. And please, no dick pics unless requested.

Forget the selfies. Yes, we all take them, but they’re starting to take on an arrogant attachment. Go old school and have a friend take some candid shots, or ask relatives if they have any good photos you can use.

Smile. Too many men on dating sites think a serious mug is hot because they somehow look brooding or dangerous. Wrong! When you don’t smile in a photo, you give off an angry vibe that really turns women off.

Choose close-up and full body pics. Let us see your face, without a hat, without sunglasses, or any other distraction. If you’re bald, we’re going to find out. Also use a pic that shows your body. There’s just no point trying to hide those few extra pounds before a date, and besides, there are lots of women who like big men.

Most men won’t hesitate to send a gorgeous woman a first message, after just viewing her profile pic. When a woman sees an attractive picture of a man, her next step is to click on his profile and read it in its entirety before sending a message or replying.

Women are more cautious when it comes to online dating, and rightfully so. We want to know as much about a man as possible and check for red flags that would make us incompatible. Even those of us who are only looking for casual sex, aren’t going to hook up with someone who seems sketchy.

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