Dick Pic Tips for Trans Admirers

We get it: You guys like to show those things off.

And since you also love to see snapshots of naked babes—anyone, anytime—you just don’t get why the last eighteen transexuals you sexted your cock to never called again.

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Once I tried to explain it to a younger male friend. “Imagine this,” I said, “out of the blue, without your asking, without you being horny or even interested, in the middle of a corporate meeting, a picture of her vajayjay or her dick shows up on your handheld.”

“Yeah, so what’s the problem? That’s so hot,” he said.


Here’s the truth: Men get turned on looking at sex parts. But women must ALREADY be turned on in order to appreciate the thing you want so badly to show off.

Men get hard with a surprise glance of genitalia. Women want context.

I’ve made this point before because it’s so important: Never send a dick pic unsolicited. And even when she asks, hold off until she begs.

If you want to avoid making her laugh her head off, or worse, feel disgusted or violated, then always follow that simple rule.

Here’s everything else you need to know about taking a portrait of your prize.

You’ve forgotten already! NEVER send that dick pic until she wants it bad.

Even though transgender women are born into the wrong body, that body never worked the way yours does because her brain is female.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to show just that. When it comes to MTF transexuality—due to maternal hormone processes, among other things—t-girls share much with cis women’s brains.

It doesn’t matter how horny we are, the vast majority of us need to be turned on before finding an extreme close-up of genitalia impressive or arousing.

So turn her on!

If you want her to want it bad, turn her on. Build up to the graphic with innuendo and attention. Forget “I want to fuck you like an animal” and let her know you’ve noticed things—how she always wears pink lipstick, how she smells like vanilla, how her nipples push against the lace of her bra.

Women want memories and souvenirs.

Don’t email her any meat snapshots if there’s nothing to remember.

Even if it’s a casual hookup, there’s emotional context like excitement or having fun together.

Once she has something to remember—a sexy conversation before you’ve even met, a great date spent laughing, a hot handjob in the movie theatre—she’s going to start thinking she might want a dick pic.

Context and taste is key.

Don’t just yank your dick out of an open zipper and start snapping. Put a little care into the image if you don’t want to be deleted!

You don’t want a bunch of dirty socks or cigarette butts competing for attention in the picture. Think about aesthetics, at least a little.

A simple black or white wall or sheet makes a much better background than a pub toilet cubicle.

Hit me with your best shot.

I’ve never heard a woman who wanted the dick pic say, “Gee, I wish he’d send a picture of it flaccid.”

This is not a life-model painting class or a trip to the doctor.

If you’re not hard at the second, close your eyes for a moment and think about what you want her to do to you, THEN take the picture!

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