Writing a Dating Profile that Will Attract Trans Women

Perhaps you’re constantly tweaking your online dating profile or switching it up to see if you get different results.

If not, it might be a good idea to fine tune or change your dating profile.

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Whether you’re looking for a love connection with a transexual woman, or a saucy one-night love affair with two at a time, refreshing your online presence can change your results for the better.

Here’s what my transgender friend Brandy says are her profile pet peeves. “No, really, I’m scrolling through guys’ online profiles. and it seems like they’re all from the exact same guy. Every single one of these guys has ‘friends who tell me I’m caring and decent looking,’ and every guy’s profile says he loves to travel, dine out or stay in, is laid back, believes in honesty, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.”

Brandy says there’s nothing wrong with this profile, but it’s just that she can’t possibly distinguish one guy from the next. Every profile blurs into the next. One generic, bland nice guy after another.

We know you guys can be reluctant to get too specific because you don’t want to alienate anyone from the pool of possibilities. Sometimes you aren’t sure what to say. But don’t err on the side of “everyman.” Show who you are with specific details.

Brandy says, “You can’t attract TS girls with the same interests as you if we don’t know what those interests are. Everyone likes sports. But which ones? There’s a world of difference between ‘black belt in seven diverse martial arts’ and ‘occasionally golf with Dad when I visit him in Florida.'”

Brandy also reminds us that while some details will attract particular women, don’t be afraid that you’ll exclude those who don’t share the exact personality. “No woman is going to say, forget it, he loves Mexican food and I prefer Thai. We’re looking for compatible personalities, not a mirror reflection.”

Here are some examples Brandy helped me put together.

Profile Do’s and Dont’s

Do: “I have watched all seasons of House and Bones twice, but haven’t seen a single zombie movie. On an airplane I’ll read an occasional true crime thriller, but I’m usually working my way through the biographies of world presidents.”
Don’t: “I enjoy reading and watching TV.”

Do: “My twin teens have a faithful chauffeur for their competitive rowing and track and field meets. I also enjoy backyard poker tournaments with some of my neighbors come summertime.”
Don’t: “I enjoy spending time with family and friends.”

Do: “I enjoy taking day trips or mini road trips to discover the local history of little towns and shop at their farmers markets.” or “I go to Greece every year to stay in touch with my roots and relatives, and I love sailing and visiting art galleries while I’m there.”
Don’t: “I love to travel.”

Do: “I never get tired of Chinese takeaway, but when going out to eat with someone special, I like to be adventurous and try different foods from around the world. Spicy jerk chicken and Vietnamese pho soup are my current favorites.” or, “I’m a chicken wings or cheeseburger kind of guy when I go out, but at home am pretty handy to make hearty soups and healthy salads.”
Don’t: “I like to eat out or stay in.”

Get the idea? Scan through your profile today and see if you can’t swap out a cliché for some juicy details.

Brandy says, “Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine.”

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