Romance and Hookups?

As someone who’s had her fair share of hookups and friends-with-benefits relationships, I know what I want when it comes to casual sex. Good Luvin’! Part of that is fun passionate sex, and the other part includes a little flirtatious romancing. Even a woman who knows that hookups are primarily about the sex still wants to be wooed a little. Of course, I don’t always get this, and like an elephant, I never forget.

If you have fireworks with someone, you’ll likely want to replay the experience, even if you’re not interested in a commitment or any kind of long-term relationship. Hey, that’s fine. But if you do want to have great sex on the steady with a compatible trans lady, find a way to throw a little romance in there. I’m not talking flowers and chocolates (although some women really dig these), but you know… thoughtful gestures that go a long way in keeping a woman from moving on.

3 Ways to Romance a Hookup or Part-time Lover

1. Take her out for dinner… and pick up the tab! Everyone has to eat, right? If I’m going to a guy’s house for a booty call, I expect that he will at least have some food and drinks to offer. Bonus tip: Keep your apartment clean and hookup friendly!

2. Gift her trinkets. This is just something to let her know that you think of her beyond the bedroom. It can be anything from a pin of her fave band to a cute notebook for journaling. Sad to say, but this small gesture can put you way ahead of the pack.

3. Be a better lover. Everyone, both men and women, should always be working on improving their bedroom skill set, whether it’s exploration into kink and bdsm or finding the allusive g-spot. A lover with prowess is never forgotten easily, or let loose! 

How to Be a Lover She Will Remember

What do readers think? Is it a good idea to throw a little romance into hookups?

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