How to Be a Lover She Will Remember

Even if you’re not interested in being in a serious relationship, you should still aim to hit it out of the park each and every time. Why? Because a friend with benefits or a regular booty call can be a wonderful thing. Being a memorable lover is something to aim for. Here are a few tips that will help you leave your mark!

The environment you have sex in can really enhance the experience or take away from it. If you’re inviting her back to her place, make sure it’s tidy and that you have toilet paper! Candles and sexy music are a bonus.

A woman wants to know the only thing you are thinking about when you’re with her, is her. Put your cell phone away and turn the tv off.

Women need foreplay to get aroused, to get wet, and almost always to orgasm. Even a one night stand wants some tender moments.

If you’re a good smoocher, you will go a long way with the ladies. And don’t forget to kiss her all over, not just on the lips.

A woman’s body is tender and needs to be treated as such. Soft smooth caresses up and down her legs and other parts will have her tingling. A full-body massage is always appreciated.

Eye contact is amazing during sex, and you will be able to glean much information by carefully paying attention to how her body is responding to your moves.

Many women keep a supply of condoms, but always show up prepared. And you should be an expert at putting one on without ruining the mood.

Most women aren’t going to let you tie them up on your first sexual foray with them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your fantasies or act out a hot role play.

You know what it takes to make you come and how fast. Use this information when you put her orgasm as a priority. Simultaneous orgasms are awesome! If you haven’t mastered the art of going down on a woman, it’s time you learn.

How do you rate yourself as a lover? Do you think the ladies remember?

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