Pick-Up Lines with Real Potential

Don’t know what to say when you meet an attractive transexual? Have you met some interesting, beautiful TS women on dating sites, only to totally screw up your first message?

Here are some pick-up lines that might actually work.

“I couldn’t help but notice how pretty you look in that color dress.”

A compliment is always nice. Keep it sweet and sassy, not dirty. “I want to bend you over in this bus stop right here” won’t get you anywhere.

We KNOW you want sex. We know that’s why you’re here. So stand out from the crowd by being respectful and sweet.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

The most successful pick-up line of all time. Why? It let’s a girl say yes or no. Secondly, it offers something.

The conversation part that follows is much more vital than the wine or coffee. You both have a chance to find out a bit about each other. When the drink is over, you can have another, or move back to your respective circles, but the chance to extend an invitation for a future date is built right in.

“I don’t know what to say, but I had to at least talk to you.”

This might sound too raw for a man who wants to come off as suave, but it’s an honest statement and it gets the point across that you find her interesting or attractive and don’t want to let the chance go by.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’d very much like to ask you out. If you would consider joining me for dinner tonight or this week, here’s my phone number.”

You can use this straightforward, confident approach with a trans woman you’ve met online too, but if you’ve been noticing someone, or you notice her right now and might never see her again, it gives you a chance to book a conversation later. By giving her your number, she doesn’t feel pressure to give hers, and she can mull it over instead of feeling put on the spot.

The line is honest, expresses your obvious interest, and works in unexpected situations. It can flatter or intrigue a woman, who will not fail to notice that you acted with courage to seize the moment—so long as you don’t beg, wheedle, or start whining for sex right away.

Anything at all.

No, not “Hi, Anything at all.” Just something rather than nothing. Your chances of meeting a woman increase exponentially if you say something!

If you’re tongue tied and can’t come up with something smart, sexy, or clever, you’re still better off saying SOMETHING.

Try, “Hello. I’m George.” In fact, something non-date or non-pick-up sounding can work wonders. “This is my weekly Wednesday laundromat. Do you live in the area?” Or, “Good morning. I usually get the early bus and don’t see you. Do you work downtown?”

Don’t be creepy and clingy. Be conversational. If you look or sound a little nervous, that’s fine. After all, you have to say something.

It may not prompt anything to happen. But by saying nothing, you can be sure the moment passes you by.

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