Making a Lasting Impression

I had a good sex convo with a gal pal last week about men’s varying styles of foreplay, everything from mad skills to a complete absence of.

You get to an age where you can spin the rolodex in your mind of sexual partners to look at the big picture, and compare this guy to that guy. It’s fun and harmless, but it also reminds you of what you were willing to put up with, or without, in the bedroom.

I had a partner, not that long ago, who was a wam-bam kinda guy. The thank you never came… because he rarely did. And because he could stay hard for what seemed like forever, there were many a session I was rubbed raw—something my mother used to call “honeymoon sex.” The first time, I thought I had a yeast infection (because of course, it must be me!) until I figured it was just too much cock for far too long. Did I mention his cock was Pete Davidson huge.

This sex sucked. Beyond the fact that there is such a thing as too big, there were no appetizers, no amuse-bouche, no crudités… just a big fat helping of sausage. I like cock as much as the next girl, but if that’s all that’s on offer, I’ll pass.

Plain old intercourse is not enough. It should be part of the meal plan, but a five-course extravaganza is what a lady really wants. Foreplay forever, not just to arouse and warm us up.

It takes very little to get me wet. A little bit of kissing, a tiny caress will do. Some guys think, okay, she’s wet now, I can stick it in. Ugh… that thinking is so high school. And it’s not all guys, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re stuck in that mind frame past the age of twenty-five, you’d better take a break from porn and change your attitude.

Beyond the basics of kissing and caressing, you have massage and oral sex to extend things. The vagina might be wet, but with more attention, it will become fully engorged, swollen and extremely sensitive, which leads to a more explosive orgasms. Always aim for orgasm, guys… so we don’t have to fake it.

This post is a bit tsk tsk, but every once in a while a bad lover comes along and reminds me that I need to remind men to slow things down.

Unless you’re having a red-hot quickie (and these can be awesome too!) then take your time to turn her on, otherwise you may become someone to remember, but not for the right reasons.

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