6 Fun Quickies to Try with Your Trans Lover

Maybe you’ve met a sexy trans babe online and you can’t keep your hands off each other. Maybe you’ve met the T-girl of your dreams and even though you haven’t gone all the way yet, your imagination is working overtime. Or maybe you’ve been dating for years and time has gotten away from both of you with busy jobs, and you’re looking to find ways to add more sex back into the schedule.

6 Fun Quickie-Sex Ideas

1. Meet for “Lunch”

I was in my mid-twenties having an affair with a twenty-year-old horndog we’ll call Jay. We did it in the morning before work, and for hours at night, losing sleep. It still wasn’t enough. He would cut class some lunch hours and come by my work. We did it in parks, restaurant bathrooms, in the car, wherever we could fit in a ten-minute quickie.

Plan a lunchtime tryst now and again. Knowing what’s ahead makes the morning so delicious.

2. Pencil in a Blowjob

The main course is always nice, but once in a while a session that begins and ends in her mouth is out of this world.

Since most of us use oral sex as part of foreplay rather than the main course, plan for an all-oral quickie. As long as you’re prioritizing her pleasure most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with making it all about you every now and again.

Imagine if she stops by en route to softball practice or choir, unzips your fly and goes to town with those sexy red lips of hers… and if she has a cock and enjoys receiving, reverse the roles next time, with you giving her a blowjob!

3. Go Auto Erotic

Plan to steam up the windows at the far end of a parking lot or on a favorite remote laneway. Make sure you’ve got Meatloaf playing!

It’s hot to imagine that someone might walk by and clue in, but if you want to keep watch and avoid getting in trouble or offending people, then keep your eyes on the road and let your fingers do the talking. There’s something hot about a good old-fashioned handjob quickie.

4. Watch Your Private Dancer

Anyone who has ever been to a strip show knows the sweet ache of a bursting hard-on without being able to touch the woman turning your dick into a rock-hard hammer.

Play this out sometime when you’re coming back from a date and she happens to be dressed in something slutty. You can take your ladance on a kitchen chair, but this time there’s no bouncer to stop you when you turn the tables and bend her over it.

5. Wake to a Morning Glory

One of the most common quickies is born out of necessity. Mornings are often hurried, but since you’re both already there, well, why not?

6. Get Dirty in the Shower

Ask her to join you in the shower. Just pull back the curtain, help her shimmy out of her work clothes and add them to yours on the floor. Soap each other up, then use your squeaky clean bodies to do dirty things to each other while the warm water streams over you.

Have a favorite kind of quickie? Let us know!

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