How to Update Your Online Dating Profile for Success

I like to update my online dating profile at least twice a year. This is something I learned from men actually. I had browsed so many of their profiles and after years of being on certain sites, I would keep going back to profiles of interest (men I considered, but wasn’t ready to message for whatever reason).

What I noticed about some men’s profiles was that they never changed—not a single thing. It was as though they were static humans that never evolved, and it was a turn off to say the least. And that’s when I realized I hadn’t changed mine!

I knew I wasn’t the same person I was when I first created my profile, so it was a perfect time to reflect on what had changed in my life, outwardly and inwardly, and then make updates to my profile. After doing so, I noticed I had a little more pep in my online-dating step, as well as a confidence boost that had me messaging more and taking new exciting dating risks.

Dating Profile Update Checklist

Profile Pictures

Are you bigger, smaller, more fit? Has your hairstyle or fashion changed? Keep a few favorites, but add at least a couple photos that have been taken in the last couple months. Try to avoid the bathroom selfie, please.

Opening Paragraph

Think about how a good story or article grabs you from its first line? This is the first impression (besides your pics) that women get when they click on your profile. It should be warm, friendly, and positive.

Seeking Status

Make your intention clear and direct. Are you only interested in casual hookups? Do you want a friend with benefits? Are you open to a serious relationship? Keep this updated to reflect where you are at the moment.

Trans Experience

If you have a genuine interest in hooking up with or dating a trans woman, it can be helpful to put that in your profile as well as if you have or haven’t been with a t-girl. This is a thoughtful heads up.

Goals and Passions

These continuously change for most people. Maybe when you first wrote your profile, you mentioned that you were thinking of switching careers, but now you have that new job. Or maybe you just started taking Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes. Whatever it is, women will find it attractive that you are busy with goals and passions, moving forward.

Go have a look at your profile, and if it doesn’t represent who you are today, give it a fresh update.

What areas of your profile do you update most?

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