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How to Get a Date with a Trans Woman

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Many men find trans women very alluring, but they only fantasize about dating these beautiful creatures. Although trans women make up a much larger part of the population than most people realize, it’s not like they’re out there raising flags to identify themselves. And why should they, when discrimination and violence is still so prevalent in their community.

Online dating sites that cater to transgender women and the men who love them are the best places to meet t-girls. Much like the cis-dating world, most people turn on their phones, tablets and laptops to find what and who they’re looking for. It’s faster, cheaper, and less stressful.

Join a trans-specific dating site. Some mainstream sites will have trans members, but it will be like finding a needle in a haystack. The monthly fee that niche sites charge is worth it because they instantly narrow your search to trans ladies, and they offer many special features such as live chat rooms.

Craft a stand-out dating profile. I can never stress how important a profile is when it comes to meeting a woman, trans or cis. A lot of guys think why bother if all they want is casual sex with no strings. Most women need to know about a guy before they start a conversation, let alone take their clothes off. Be open and honest and specific when writing your dating profile.

Be persistent and patient. If a girl you’ve sent a first message to doesn’t respond, let it go. That kind of persistence only looks desperate or angry. You may have to send out a lot of messages before you get a response, but just know that’s par for the online dating course. When you do get a reply, a woman may need a week or two of back-and-forth dialogue before she feels comfortable enough to meet. Allow her that time.

Be a gentleman. I wish I didn’t have to remind guys of this, but chivalry seems to have faded over the last couple generations. Treat your trans date like a lady by not sending a dic pick, not expecting the sex to imitate trans porn, and planning a date that caters to her specific interests. Even if you just want to get laid, these tips will help you get there.

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jane don

I think Most of us GURLS are Not modern women (all self confident & Take charge Gurls). We Expect Men to take the lead.

Alouette de Mer

Sometimes a man who sends me more than one message is the man who gets my attention. I don’t interpret it as desperation or his being angry, I interpret it as courage and self-confidence. A lot of men contact me, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease. For if a man contacts me once then disappears, I interpret it as a lack of genuine interest.

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