How to Cope with Online Dating Rejection

If there’s one thing online dating does, it’s help you to develop a thick skin (if you don’t have one already!) I’ve been using dating sites for about five years to meet new people, and through mistakes and experience I’ve learned to take a more light-hearted approach that helps to soothe the sting of rejection. If you take every rejection from a t-girl personally, whether it’s no reply to a thoughtful message or being turned down for a second date, you’re going to end up one Lonesome Larry.

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Tips for Dealing with Online Dating Rejection

Learn from Your Mistakes. If a trans woman points out something unappealing in your profile, take it to heart. If you have self-awareness and look back on what went wrong on a date, you can only improve your desirability by being better the next time. Dating isn’t easy, and we all make errors, especially if we’re anxious. 

Let Go. Rejection is something so many of us will ruminate on, but that’s not healthy. You often won’t know why someone isn’t interested or loses interest in you. Things move quickly in the online dating world, and if someone doesn’t like you back, keep looking, and send another message to someone who will.

Refresh Your Profile. Without a good profile, you’re without a life preserver in the middle of the ocean. Spend the time and effort it takes to create a winning profile. Ask your closest friend to see if it shines a light on who you really are (and proofread it!) Choose good profile pics that show the happy confident you.

Join a New Site. There are many different sites out there with different features to help you find what you’re looking for. Some people use several sites to widen their options. Take advantage of free trials that many dating sites offer to find what’s right for you.

Don’t Give Up. They say a woman has to kiss a lot of frogs to meet her prince charming, well… a man has to send a lot of online messages to get a reply. It’s true. I know from talking to my guy friends who use dating sites. It goes back to having a kick-ass profile and sending an awesome first message… something beyond “Hey, how’s it going?”

If you do find yourself in a dating rut, feeling negative about the whole online game, take a break because pessimism and negativity only attract the same.

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