Do’s and Don’ts for Sexting with Your TS Girlfriend

Are you meeting trans women online, forging new friendships with benefits, or maybe you’ve found a steady girlfriend? One of the best ways to keep the fires burning in between hookups is to sext with your partner. If you’ve never done it, the practice of texting sexy messages to a woman can be intimidating and sometimes awkward, but don’t let that stop you.

I’ve been at it for years and with each new partner comes new challenges. This is because everyone’s sexting experience is at a different level—what they are comfortable with and what turns each person on is unique. Beyond the arousal, which can be almost as mind blowing as sex, it’s also a lot of fun.

Sexting Tips for Men

DO sext when you know she is home and free of obligation. You might not always know this for sure, but if you know she has to prepare for a presentation or is studying for a big test, then hold off for a better time.
DON’T send her sexy messages at work, even if she’s on her lunch break. Wait until she’s at home where your chances for a fun exchange are better.

DO build your sexting out of a regular conversation. If you’re having a long back-and-forth texting conversation, you know you’ve got her attention and she has time for more.
DON’T send a crazy sext out of the blue. The chance that she’s in the mood at that exact moment are slim. Feel it out first to avoid disappointment.

DO think of sexting as foreplay. Put in the same kind of effort you would in person to turn a woman on. Talk about how you can’t wait to see her, what you want to do with or to her. Wait for her response and take your cues from her intensity.
Don’t be surprised if she comes before you. Some couples just sext to flirt, while others like it as masturbation inspiration. If you’re a bit of a wordsmith, it won’t take much to get her juices flowing.

DO use emojis to enhance your expression. Women love emojis, and they’re a great way to keep things fun and to clarify anything that might be ambiguous. Sexy and playful is a winning combination women can’t resist.
DON’T send dick pics. We don’t like them for the most part. If you’re with a woman who requests one, by all means, send away (if you are comfortable doing so.) Also don’t expect that a woman wants to Skype or FaceTime when things heat up… lots of us may be feeling sexy enough to text but not about how we look in a mud mask. Besides, sexting is all about the imagination!

DO try different types of sexting. Sharing fantasies, talking about what you’re doing to yourself, or texting erotic fiction… it can take time to find your sexting groove.
DON’T give up when you have an awkward sexting moment. They happen, believe me! You might feel like you’re coasting along and then your gal says you’re being too cheesy or that you’ve crossed a line. Whatever the faux pas, don’t give up because it really can be an awesome adjunct to any transgender relationship, casual or serious.

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