Fun Transgender Date Ideas

So you’ve met someone on a site like Transgender Hookups and now you’re ready to plan the first date. Of course you could do any regular old thing like coffee or drinks, but wouldn’t it be fun to do something a bit… queer? Yes, pun intended.

“Going to a queer bar can be really fun on a date!” laughs Francis Marley, who works for “Just make sure you go kind of early before things get too rowdy, so you can hear each other talking!” Try the local gay, lesbian or trans watering hole. You’ll both feel pretty comfortable surrounded by other queer and gender non-conforming people.

Another idea is seeing an LGBT friendly play, such as Avenue Q, Rent, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. You will both laugh at the funny characters on the stage and it could create a nice connection. Or you can watch an LGBT friendly movie at the theatre.

This idea is for the more scholarly types. Check your local LGBT organizations for interesting lectures on gender theory or gay rights history. If you’re both a bit geeky you could bond over learning something new.

Other local LGBT groups offer community classes especially for queer and transgender people. These classes could be on almost any subject from a fun and slightly sexy cooking demonstration to a workshop on car repair.

Fundraisers and other events that benefit LGBT organizations can be a great way to impress a trans date. Some events can be fancy and cost more than a few dollars for entrance, but others are really accessible and fun. These benefits range from black-tie dinners to informal dances. Some may include physical activity like marathons or bike rides, which are also a great way to connect.

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