How to Be a Man with a TS Woman

We’ve talked before on TS about gender identification being different than sexual orientation. So this may not apply to all men interested in a transgendered individual. If you’re a man looking for a trans woman, pre- or post-op, who identifies as heterosexual, interested in women, she’ll want you to treat her as every bit the woman she feels and is.

I’ve been talking with a lot of lady friends about the over-ripening or softening of men in the last generation. It’s like women wanted men to be more sensitive and nurturing, but the pendulum swung too far and now you have men who are afraid to be men, be proud of their masculinity. Some women might like those emo guys with their skinny jean cuffs rolled up and unbuttoned cardigans, but most women still want a man to pursue.

5 Tips to Be the Man while Dating a TS Woman

1. Message First
When you’re on a TS dating site, be sure to message first. A woman needs to know you are really interested, and making this first virtual move will show her that. And spend time to craft a message that will get a response.

2. Get the Dating Ball Rolling
If you’ve had a few back-and-forth messages, you’ll know she’s interested and likely wants to meet. Most women are going to wait for you to suggest an in-person get-together aka date. Ask her out and say that you are planning something special.

3. Make the Plan
Nothing is more icky than a man without a plan when it comes to dating. Keep your ts lady’s interests in mind when thoughtfully coming up with a great first date. A great idea can almost guarantee a second date.

4. Be a Gentleman
Just because you are taking the lead doesn’t mean you can forget about chivalry. It’s the perfect combination of masculinity and caring that appeals to a woman. Women love a little charm, especially from a man’s man.

5. Make the First Move
If you’re interested in a second date, lean in for the goodnight kiss. If this is clearly going to be a consensual one-night stand scenario, get the party started by offering to pay for a room. Women will feel safer going to a hotel, than to a semi-stranger for a hookup.

I’m hoping that these tips will remind men that’s it’s okay to be manly while still showing your sensitive side. A TS woman will appreciate the balance.

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