5 Signs a Trans Woman will Hook Up

Women aren’t always the easiest creatures to read. We can run hot and cold with our feelings until we’re sure we want to get involved with a man, or even just engage in a one-time hookup. The good news is, guys, is that there are some surefire signs that the lovely lady on a date with you is keen. If you can check a few of these (hey, maybe all five), you’ll be on your way.

5 Signs a Trans Woman is Interested

  1. Body Language – watch for these subtle movements – eye contact, leaning forward, her body turned towards you, arms loose at her sides, and smiling. These all indicated she is relaxed and enjoying not only herself, but you too.

  2. Touching – not overt kissing or hugging but perhaps a hand on your shoulder or knee. Even a high-five is a sign she’s comfortable. This is usually unconscious on a woman’s part, but some will make a point of making contact which is a very good indication she’s into you.

  3. Opening Up – if you’re asking lots of questions (which you should!) and she’s talking about herself, her family, her experience as a trans woman, then you’re in the red zone. One word responses are telling you she’s not feeling it.

  4. Compliments – I’m not talking about your compliments (don’t forget though, women like these a lot), but if she is going out of her way to gush a little about your abilities or skills, then she’s definitely interested.

  5. Next Date – this is the home run of signs. If your date begins talking about possibilities for future get togethers, you can breathe a sigh of relief. But remember, don’t get too comfortable, women still want to be charmed along the way.

In your experience, what signs have told you a woman is hot for you, besides sex?

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