5 Ways to Boost Your Trans Lover’s Body Confidence

I don’t know a woman who doesn’t have insecurities about her body shape, size or specific areas. I wish we could all just run around free of the constant scrutiny put out by the media, and concentrate on being healthy more than perfect.

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For trans women, body image and confidence can be even more of a struggle because of the ignorance and discrimination they face. They know they are women, but their bodies might not be where they imagine or hope for them to be yet. There may be a long road of transition ahead which may include HRT and/or surgery.

During transition, a woman shouldn’t have to lock herself up and have to avoid dating. If you do find yourself with a trans lover or girlfriend or friend with benefits, you may find she has issues with her body. I’ll share some actions that can have a very positive impact.

How to Boost Your Trans Woman’s Body Confidence

1. Compliment. Yep, all women like attention which includes compliments about our bodies. This could include just about anything from her soft skin, cute little toes, or the peach fuzz on the back of her neck.

2. Touch. I dated a man who treated me really well and the sex was always fantastic, but… the rest of the time he barely touched me. I love affection and snuggles, and his lack thereof often made me wonder how attracted to me he really was.

3. Listen. A lot of men get sick of hearing women talk about their bulging bellies or asking if they look fat in their new pair of jeans. Suck it up boys, and just listen to her talk about her feelings, no matter how many times she brings it up because it’s an important issue to her.

4. Look. There’s a special way a man can look at a woman to make her feel desirable. You’re basically looking over her body, as if you can’t wait to touch her and give her the best orgasm of her life. This isn’t something to do all the time or out in public but when you’re alone with your girl and feeling intimate.

5. Respect. If your gal is going through a difficult phase of transition, she may want to be left alone when it comes to physical intimacy. Don’t push, and find other ways to enjoy your time together. A woman’s sex drive goes up and down much more than a man’s which is usually running and ready to go.

How a woman feels about her body can shift quite a bit by her partner’s sensitivity and compassion. Follow these tips, and you’ll see what I mean.

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