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What Transgender Women Want

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There’s a comedy bit by Seinfeld about men and women that always makes me laugh.  

“I swear, I have absolutely no idea what women are thinking. I don’t get it… I’m not getting the signals… women know what men want, men know what men want… we want women! That’s it!”

But what are transgender women looking for?

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Rather than risk misreading those signals, here are some trans ladies in their own voices, on looking for dating, love, and sex.

Given the variety of ideas expressed, whatever you’re looking for and offering has a match out there!

“I want the same thing as any other girl. I’m looking for a nice guy to spend time with and possibly build a relationship and future with. I look for honest, caring, affectionate guys who can me laugh. I actually prefer it if you are average. I don’t trust gym gods, since they are usually narcissists. Big turn off.” – Lena, 25

“Honestly? I’m looking for marriage. Straight up. I have had it up to here with trans women being objectified and treated like a fetish. It was fun for a while but there are only so many dicks you can suck and then wake up alone. I want pure domesticity. Someone to watch Netflix with, someone to make breakfast for, someone to own a dog with. You want this beautiful body? Good. Put a ring on it.” – Tracy, 29

“I want a man who understands that it’s all about reparations. Because of patriarchal, transphobic society, I have always been poor like many of my trans sisters. Many of us were reduced to sex work, servicing the same monsters who excluded us from the real world and forced us into the economic underground. So now it’s your turn. You pay, and you’re the one on your knees begging.” – Catherine, 44

“Call me picky, but I’m looking for the best. I have worked hard to overcome obstacles, barriers, and personal psychological issues. Rather than act like a victim I understand that I am a survivor and a queen. So I want a king.

You are successful, handsome, masculine, and you open doors for ladies. You know what you want, and you’re not ashamed of me. If you’re still working out issues with your attraction to transgender women, don’t even bother. You’re in command of your life and own your desires. And I am the center of that life.” – Marika, 24

“You get your freak on with trans girls and I’m not going to apologize for my sexual desires either. I’m not a one-man woman. I need lots of sex and attention, and I love clandestine hookups and the good ol’ zipless fuck. Not going to pretend otherwise. If you like wining, dining, and banging, and aren’t looking to tie me down, then call me up.” – Liz, 20

“Trans women are so used to being an afterthought, to being a hidden desire, to being a sex object who doesn’t get introduced to friends and family as a real person. You have a huge dating advantage with trans women if you aren’t that guy. If you’re willing to afford us the same humanity you would a cis-woman, your cell phone will never stop ringing.” – Trish, 30

“I’m still legally married to my wife, and we love each other. So I want a man who is offering hot hookups. You take care of yourself, but you’re not full of yourself. You love sex and don’t want any strings attached. I just love getting on my knees and unzipping you, but I don’t want you to call me in the morning.” – Raven, 28

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jane don
2 years ago

We are all different (the same as cis women) so there is no 1-3 or 10 answers to what we want. We, like most humans, are a combination of all our life experiences. Personally, I love Dom men who tell me what they want and how they want it, and when. I’m not into the lovey-dovey thing. I love men who can’t keep their hands off me, even in public. I really don’t know if I’m “normal” but I know what I like. – Jane

Jeff andersob
Jeff andersob
2 years ago

Yes I am hetero. Then yes I fell in love with a transgender woman. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her, and I am relocated now. Times were hard in the beginning, and I did not try to continue with her. Lately I am thinking a lot about her. I want to travel back for her and show her my best love. I will marry her and help with everything she needs. Our bond was never really broken, I believe. Wow, when I think back about it, i can hardly believe it is so real, but I can… Read more »

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