4 Ways Improve Your Profile for More TS Dates

Ready to take your TS dating to the next level and achieve what all the sites are promising? Be proactive with these 4 ways to improve your profile and get more transexual dates.

1. Don’t Be Lazy

This is my first tip and it’s pretty straight forward. Fill out the entire profile, and add more than one or two photos. I know it seems obvious but I receive messages from men with nearly blank profiles all the time. I know you think your photo is enough but even the sexiest smile in the world isn’t going to get a reply without some further details.

Another cop-out is when the profiles say something like, “I have many interests and goals, just send me a message and ask away.” You are going to make it a lot easier for a woman to message you if she has something to go off, rather than trying to guess at what you might possibly have in common.

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2. What Makes You Unique?

Okay, you’re now planning to create a nice full profile of yourself. The next trap that awaits you is what happens if you hastily fill everything out without giving thought to what makes you unique and what will make you stand out. I have one word for most profiles I read… Boring! (This goes for everyone, not just guys.) I know you are “very laid back”, but still “like to get dressed up sometimes,” but what makes you different from the other 50 men I’m about to read about?

I suggest mentioning an amazing experience you’ve had, showing off your humorous side, talking about any unique hobbies or activities you’re into, or sharing what’s important to you in life and love. Dare to be different and reap the rewards.

3. Keep it Fresh

By keeping your TS dating profile fresh, you’ll get more attention from existing members on the site. When you first join a site, you may notice that your profile garners more views and more messages but soon the flurry of activity settles down. This happens because in the beginning you’re fresh meat, and everyone wants to see the latest addition!

A great trick for keeping the transwomen on the site coming back to check you out again is to keep updating your profile. You can do this by changing your main picture often, adding new photos regularly, and changing up your profile with little updates and edits. This is also a sure-fire way to keep improving your text and photos, which in turn will also bring you more success over time.

4. Show Respect for Your Potential TS Partners

If you go to a trans dating site thinking you don’t need to impress these ladies then you are mistaken.  At sites like TSmeet.com, it’s important to show the respect that you would offer in any dating situation, even if the emphasis is on casual encounters. Be aware that simply being a tranny chaser will get you nowhere, and that you should bring out your inner gentleman to score with any woman, cisgender or otherwise. Avoid derogatory transgender slang such as tranny and shemale, be genuine and honest, and put some time and effort into every private message you send.

Do you have any other profile tips for men seeking transwomen online?

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