Avoid Scammers on TS Dating Sites

If you’ve been using TS dating sites to meet transexuals then you may have noticed some of these tricks used by scammers.  Hopefully you haven’t suffered the disappointment of finding out that the person you’ve been messaging  doesn’t have good intentions. The following tips should help you avoid this so you can focus on meeting up for the real thing.

  • Don’t reveal personal details if you haven’t met in person yet. I’m talking about your home or work address and phone numbers. These are just the types of information that scammers are trying to get out of you. Wait until you’ve developed some face to face trust first.
  • Search for their username on google. Also, you might even try googling some of the text from one of their messages. You may be surprised at what you find and they might even show up on one of many sites created to expose dating scammers.
  • Keep it Local. Scammers will typically avoid victims near themselves so that they don’t get caught. And your chances of hooking up are obviously better if you look for members near you.
  • Are you sure that’s their real photo? I have a good trick for you.. upload their image to tineye.com. This site will show you other places on the internet where the photo has been found. Scammers very often re-use images that find online for their profile pics.
  • Beware speedy communication. Pay careful attention when the hot TS you’re messaging with always responds to you right away or withing 15 minutes every time. You don’t want to waste your time chatting with a bot!
  • Don’t open attachments from a stranger. Beware the potential partner who sends you their picture in an attachment. You don’t want to be downloading a virus along with it!
  • Watch out for the sad story. A common trick with scammers is a story about an ill relative who needs surgery or treatment. These stories will tug at your heart strings and that’s exactly their intention. Another story might be that the TS is on their way to visit with you but their credit card is being declined. Guess who they want to help bail them out?

Arm yourself with these simple tips and you could avoid the hassle and potential heartbreak of dealing with scammers. If you have a tip of your own or even a story about your experiences then please share in the comments.

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