3 Signs Your Trans Date Is Interested

Online dating isn’t easy, but most things that are worth exploring take a little effort. After a break from my dating site, I’ve recently jumped back in, hoping to meet someone for… whatever. I always say it’s best to go in without any expectations but still be open to all possibilities. For instance, I used to have a type and since I’ve abandoned that ideal (believe me, it wasn’t very ideal for me) I’m meeting all sorts of men I wouldn’t otherwise.

Dating sites are great places to focus in on the kind of person, as well as the kind of relationship you are seeking. If you have an admiration for trans women, you’ll want to check out a niche site like TSmeet.com instead of looking for a t-girl in a haystack on mainstream sites. Once you connect online, and plan a unique first date, you cross your fingers for a special in-person connection.

During your date, stay present and watch for these signs. If any of these happen, it’s a good sign your new lady friend is keen to continue getting to know you.

3 Signs Your Date Is Interested

1. She makes physical contact. When a woman makes a point of touching you (and it can very subtle) you’ll want to take that as a true sign she’s interested. Body language reveals all sorts of things when you pay attention. She may just put her hand briefly on your knee, or poke you on the shoulder, or even high five you. When a woman isn’t interested, she will keep her physical distance, whether consciously or unconsciously.

2. She shares personal information or history. Some people are comfortable sharing their life story to a stranger, but a trans woman will likely be more guarded with hers. This is something that should not be broached on a first date without invitation. If she senses that you’re trustworthy and non-judgemental, she may share some of her private struggle. All you need to do is be a good listener.

3. She talks about her interests. Most of us do share our passions on a first date, but take note. Maybe she mentions wanting to rock climb, or that she’s never been to a local tourist site. These are wonderful invitations for you to suggest exploring said interest together. And it takes the stress out of planning a second date. If you follow her lead, you’re already a step ahead.

Also keep in mind, sparks don’t always fly on a first date. If you had an enjoyable time, then go for a second date. Attraction can build as you get to know someone, and if you hold off on having sex right away, you won’t have that clouding your thoughts.

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