Reading a Woman’s Body for Signs of Interest

Unless you are a mind reader, it’s hard to decipher what a woman might be thinking or feeling on a first date. But… if you are able to observe the subtle signs of a woman’s body language, you will be able to glean information that will help you know how interested she is. Even a shy woman will reveal something through this type of non-verbal communication.

Body Language Signs

When a woman makes eye contact with you, she is engaged. The longer her gaze, the better. This connection means that she is focused on you and what you are saying, without letting things around her distract. This is a very good sign, and if you are keen make sure to hold her gaze as well.

You always want to see that a woman is relaxed and comfortable on a first date, and smiling is an easy way to pick up on this. If you can make her laugh, all the better! Most women put a sense of humour close to the top of their wish list when it comes to finding a suitable partner.

Shoulders and Feet
A woman who is feeling at ease will have her upper and lower body pointed in your direction. If you are sharing a couch or park bench, she will cross her legs towards you, rather than away if she is enjoying your company. If she shifts away from you suddenly, it may be because you have said something to offend her.

Arms and Hands
A woman will have relaxed limbs at her sides or stretched out, as a sign of comfortability. She will also use her hands in conversation when she is relaxed. Crossed arms are never a good sign.

Of course, if a woman moves closer to you in any way, you will know she is interested. Physical proximity is an easy way of gauging her intentions. When a woman is playing with her hair, it is often connected to her emotions. Quicker movements indicate an anxiousness, while slower gestures mean she is trying to draw attention to herself.

Humans often mimic the movements of those they are attracted to. When you see a woman mirroring your gestures or positions, you will know you are on the right track.

Watching a woman’s body is just one way to tell if she is interested. You will also pick up much from being a great listener, which is a skill that most of us can improve upon.

Are you able to read a woman’s body language? What tips can you add?

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