How to Undress Your TS Hookup the Right Way

What’s a surefire way that a man can better his chances of her getting naked? Learn how to take her clothes off!

Sid, 29, writes, “There’s no question that one of the many reasons I’m most attracted to transgender women is because of their attention to dress and adornment. You could say that women’s clothing is a kink or fetish of mine, but it’s a huge part of the appeal and mystique of a woman. I don’t look at much porn online—I look at old fashioned French postcards where a girl is almost fully clothed, with just a strap slipping low, or she’s nude, but there are gloves and hats and stockings in the picture.”

Sid says of course he knows that some t-girls prefer jeans and a t-shirt, and he doesn’t think women should never wear overalls or boxer shorts. “But I do know this—if you’re lucky enough to have a transgender date who bothered putting so much thought into her outfit, do her the service of taking it off artfully. It’s so hot by the time you get down to it.”

Top 3 Tips to Remember When Undressing a Woman

1. Slow Down

Take it from the Pointer Sisters:

“I want a lover with a slow hand, I want a lover with an easy touch.”

Simply slowing things down will make you a better lover. What’s the hurry? The intensity of both of you wanting to be naked is a thrill that can last and last. As you play with her scarf, run your fingers over her nipples—over her sweater—and push your hips against her while you’re still restrained in your jeans. The tension will just build and build.

2. Notice Her

Want to do this again and again? Then be an appreciation society of one.

Think about this: when a woman gets dressed, it’s because she wants to look good, showcase her taste, and be appreciated.

She wants to be noticed.

If you want to flush out the competition, then notice! Pay attention to your ts date.

By going slow, you’ll give yourself the time to see everything. While you’re caressing her hands, finger her silver rings and mention them. Play with the little birthstone droplet at her throat, and comment on her taste or her birthday. Notice that her pencil skirt makes her butt look gorgeous. Notice that she wore a baby blue lace bra, because it’s your favorite color. Mention her perfume and lipstick.

3. Build Your Skills

“I’m all for going slow taking off her clothes,” says Barry, 41. “But I let her take off her own because I can never get those hooks undone on her bra.”

Here’s a little secret—I’m a woman and I still don’t know how to put on pantyhose and take them off without getting runs half the time. I wear bras that Velcro together in the front because getting them off with hooks in the back is impossible. So for me, there’s nothing more fun than practicing how to get me undressed with my lover.

So, don’t think she’s expecting you to do everything with one hand and blindfolded.

And if you’re taking your time and really paying attention and noticing things, as in step one and two, your patience will prepare you well. Be patient—you’ll figure it out!

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