You Are Probably Looking for a Transvestite

Judging by the veritable avalanche of so-called she-male porn one is accosted with when Googling any trans-term, as well as the apparent popularity of tranny sex workers you see when scanning through your local adult classifieds, many otherwise heterosexual men are intensely interested in “chicks with dicks,” to the point that “tranny chasers” are viewed with contempt by many in the transgender community.

For many transsexual women who are seeking to be treated like a woman in all ways, being pursued by men who are looking to get some penis action, are repulsed by their fascination with a part of their body that they would just as soon not have. Women find some of these men’s advances, conditioned by their viewing of tranny porn, dehumanizing. But these interactions can serve as an opportunity to educate them about the community and the issues transgender women face.

Most straight lesbian porn doesn’t represent anything particularly accurate about the lesbian community, catering instead to the heterosexual male’s fantasy of what girl-on-girl sex might look like, the same goes for nearly all transgender porn.

Men being men, straight, cisgender women and lipstick lesbians are often subjected to unwanted crude advances. Now it’s completely understandable to want to avoid a penis-obsessed man who is going to objectify you or treat you with disrespect, but it’s important to remember that dealing with body-obsessed assholes is not unique to the transgender community.

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Ironically, this heterosexual male obsession with women with penises has given rise to tranny-chaser chasers, gay men with no particular gender dysphoria to speak of, who have found that they can land straight men (a group that many in their community favor), by getting dressed up in drag, becoming the very willing “chicks with dicks” that these men seek. The unspoken code that controls these liaisons is that the gay man never identifies himself as a gay man, lest the fantasy be broken. Gay men who are otherwise past their prime in the gay community have found that slapping on some makeup and a dress suddenly finds them straight men eager to have sex with them.

Sex parties dedicated to connecting tranny chasers as well as tranny-chaser chasers have been springing up in major cities like New York and London, fulfilling the needs of both of these groups, and while some transgender activists bristle at the objectification of the pre-transition transexual form, it’s useful to remember that objectification is a universal trait in human beings, whether it’s gay men lusting after their stereotypical “ultimate straight man,” straight men’s lesbian fantasy girls, or cisgender and transexual women waiting for “tall dark and handsome.”

If you’re a straight man looking for some trans-penis play, there are great dating sites where you can find a cross-dresser or a transvestite who will be more than happy to top you or engage in other gender-transgressing sexual activities. There are also dating sites where you can meet transgender women, just know what the difference is, and be respectful towards the woman you seek. No one wants to hook up with an asshole.

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