What Transgender Women Find Attractive in Men

Ever wonder what turns transgender women on when it comes to men? Are you the kind of man she’s looking for?

It can be confusing for guys because the answers are contradictory. One woman’s preference does nothing for another. Personal tastes vary widely, and the traits you’d expect to be on her list usually aren’t.

Almost no women, for example, mention your hairline, muscles, or penis size when stating what attracts them to a man. So, if not those things, what?

What Attracts Trans Women to Men

Facial Hair

Uh-oh! Your beard and moustache turn up on both lists: what turns women on, and what turns women OFF.

Studies and polls find facial hair is a repeat offender AND a consistent top-rated feature of attraction.

It can sound confusing, but really it just means this: for some of us, facial hair is hot, and for others, it’s not. Leave your facial hair to your preference, and you’ll end up with the women who love it.

Kyla, 29, says, “Making out with a man with a moustache or goatee, or even just a few days unshaven, does something to my hormones that doesn’t happen without. It’s not even a visual preference one way or another. I like lots of styles, from smooth to creative fades. But when my mouth touches hair something cranks higher—that’s the only way I can explain it.”

Body Hair

Natural body hair on guys ranges from super smooth with a few wispy pubes, to covered head to toe in thick curls. Your cultural background will contribute to what you get.

Once again, some women love a hairy guy, some say less is more. The rest don’t care one way or another. So, again, you do you.

“I’m a woman and the thrill of being with a man is that opposites attract. I want that animal contrast between us. I love combing my fingers through a guy’s chest hair.” Suzanne, 22

Casual Confidence

More important than any particular body type or traits like eye color or muscle definition is a man being comfortable in his own skin. A short man can’t compete with a man twice his height, so don’t. Take pride in looking after yourself and accepting that what you have to offer is worth something, worth caring for.

“My boyfriend is overweight but instead of complaining about it or abusing himself with junk food, he loves hiking, dresses stylishly, and doesn’t apologize for enjoying quality food like the rest of us. My girlfriends adore him, and I love to be surrounded by all that man.” Fiona, 34

A Job

Say what? You may be told that men need a flashy car or a padded bank account to attract women, but really, all you need is a job. Any job.

“I don’t look down on men who clean classrooms or drive trucks. I look down on men who whine that they’re too good to get their hands dirty. One unemployed dude was living with his father and his little girl. He said the only shift available where he was a security guard was the night shift, and he wouldn’t do it. I was out of there. Later he told everyone I was shallow. Um, no. I expected him to do whatever it took to care for his child. I’m dating a bus driver now.” Kate, 26

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