What to Share and NOT to Share on Your Dating Profile

When you’ve read hundreds if not thousands of men’s online dating profiles, you notice what stands out—good and bad. You recognize that there are things you almost always respond to… or block right away.

Here are my top three things that a man should share and not share in their dating profile.

Please share…

Who you are. There’s nothing worse than getting a message from a man without a profile picture and a one-sentence summary. C’mon, guys, you can’t expect a woman to be interested when there’s nothing there. Choose honest photos, and fill out all or almost all of the sections that your dating site prompts.

What makes you you. This is how you’ll stand out from the other ninety men who’ve sent a first message to that beautiful trans lady online. We’re all looking for unique quirks and idiosyncrasies that we find attractive in other people, that complement our own.

What you are looking for. There’s no point saying you’re looking for a relationship when all you really want are casual hookups. You would definitely cast a wider net, but taking women out who really do want long-term love is just a waste of her time, and yours.

Please don’t share…

Who you think women want. You probably know some of the common traits of men that the majority of women want—sense of humor, child-like enthusiasm, financial stability—but these aren’t what will set you apart. Focus on the things that make you unique.

What your sexual fantasies are. Unless you’re on a niche dating site that caters to kinks like BDSMdate.com, keep these to yourself… at least for now. If she starts flirting sexually or comes right out and asks in your online messages or on your first date, go for it!

What you’re not looking for. This is a very bad habit some men need to break. Focusing on what you don’t want sends a very negative message to women. It reveals that you are likely someone who can be very critical of everything from her behavior to her appearance. Spread the love, and focus on the positive.

Readers, what are your thoughts? Any do’s and don’ts you want to share?

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