What Men Love about Transgender Women

Men like you who are romantically and sexually attracted to transgender women don’t always have the chance to connect with others and compare notes. There may be taboos about dating TS girls in your social circles, family, work and community.

Why Men are Attracted to Trans Women

They Find Trans Women more Feminine

The irony of it all! Many straight men are attracted by trans women because they have traditional tastes. Transgender women often place great importance on the presentation of feminine qualities, and that puts them way ahead of the cisgender competition.

There’s lots of tomboys like me who live in jeans and sneakers, so if you want a woman who dresses with attention to detail and wears perfume, you may find yourself dating trans women.

They Have No Explanation

Why are some men more attracted to blondes, or BBWs? For some, there’s a specific reason. Maybe a first girlfriend was a blonde or chubby, and that steered the course. For others, they just are. There’s no specific memory or trait that defines the attraction.

Sexual attraction is often based on mysterious undercurrents that we don’t understand. That’s part of what makes sex so interesting and exciting.

They Love Strong Women

A friend said, “The only thing my four major loves have in common is that they’re all fighters determined to live life to its fullest, against all odds.” The virtue of courage in the face of adversity is something some men can’t help but admire.

Another acquaintance who dates trans women said, “I don’t care if a woman is cis, trans, skinny, fat, black, Asian, or European. I love all women. But if you’ve walked through fire in your lifetime, I will probably love you more because I have too.”

They’re Straight Men

Some admirers are just straight men attracted to a range of women, and some are only attracted to trans women and consider it an orientation of its own. No trans admirers consider themselves gay, and shemale or transgender porn on straight sites is extremely popular.

Trans women are women, period. It’s no big surprise that men are attracted to women!

They Love Chicks with Dicks

Loving a human body that has female characteristics with a penis is as old as human mythology, hence the classic myth of the hermaphrodite—Hermes and Aphrodite. It’s the new love that dare not speak it’s name, with some trans women getting prickly about men’s pre-op preference.

That’s understandable when you’re treated like an object. However, it’s also wrong to assume all men who are attracted to women with penises are jerks. It’s a specific attraction to be sure, but men like you who love girl cock simply don’t love it on a man or you would be on a different dating site.

This is difficult for some to accept about themselves or about their suitors, but let’s work towards accepting it. Because of the risks and pain of trans surgery, many women are choosing not to fully transition, and they need love too.

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