What Attracts Her Beyond Your Looks

You don’t have to be a ten or even close to that to attract beautiful loving trans women.

I don’t have a type when it comes to men’s looks. I’ve dated tall, short, fat, thin, long-haired, short-haired, bald, blond, brunette, and redheaded men with perfect smiles, missing teeth, and who were different ethnicities.

Similarities with my choices (and many women) had more to do with character. The couple of GQ guys I did date always had a lot less going on internally, like they thought they could coast on looks alone. They were wrong and didn’t last long.

What Attracts Women to Men Beyond Good Looks


This is a broad topic, but a few things that stand out: ability to work with your hands, fix-it capabilities, cooking, IT knowledge, woodworking, writing, boating, athletics. Having skills like this lets us know you love to learn and possess curiosity and determination.


These may include some of the skills mentioned above, but also things that you really focus on and want to improve upon. Women love attention, but we don’t want to be your only focus because that’s a lot of pressure.


How many times have you wondered why a sexy hot woman is dating the nerd with no style. Brains are hot. A smart woman is turned on by an intellectual equal, or someone she can learn from.


We want to know that you will do what you say, and mean what you say. Never tell a woman you’re going to call on a certain day or time and not follow through, or show up late to a first date. These small faux pas are red flags.


This is a trait that’s hot for everyone, as long as it doesn’t cross that line into arrogance. If dating confidence is something you struggle with, it’s okay to fake it til you make it. A little self-deprecation is okay, just don’t look for a date to prop you up – it’s not her job.

Sense of Humor

If you can make her laugh, that good feeling she gets will be remembered, and she will want to experience it again. You don’t have to be the class clown either; some women enjoy a tinge of sarcasm, a dry wit, or physical comedy.


Do you know who you really are? This might include understanding you flaws and actively working on them. It might include discussing your goals, short and long-term. A deeper understanding of oneself is extremely attractive, even to women looking for casual encounters.

Work Ethic

This doesn’t mean you have to be a workaholic, but it does mean you have a stick-to-itiveness and do your best with most things you undertake (job or otherwise). An ability to finish and follow through on projects tells her a lot.

Health Conscious

This is especially attractive to women who put importance on a lifestyle that supports good mental, physical, and spiritual health. You don’t have to be a ripped gym rat, just a guy who cares about how he takes care of himself.

Connections with Family and Friends

This may not matter on a first date, but as you get to know her, she’ll want to know more about you. Some familial relations are fraught for many valid reasons, but your relationships with friends and the kinds of friends you choose to spend your time with is something she will look at if things move forward.


I’ve saved the best for last, and this is mandatory for anyone I let into my life. And it goes beyond the kindness I am shown. A date will observe how you interact with others: driving on the highway, ordering at a restaurant, shopping in a store, or passing homeless people on the street.

All this isn’t to say you can show up for a date disheveled and in need of a shower or shave. It’s just a reminder that most women will go for what’s inside, not the glossy cover.

What traits do you possess that you think women find attractive? Please share in the comments!

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