Transgender Admirers: What Turns Them On?

Guys who have a thing for transgender women don’t always have a circle of like-minded friends for “locker room” talk. If you lust after sexy TS ladies, you might wonder what other guys like you find hot and why.

Do they have preferences for hair color, body type, surgical status? Is it more about attitude? Is it a special move or manner of flirting?

Maybe you’re vocal about your passions or maybe you’re the discreet sort, but either way, you might not have many men in your circle who date trans women. Or you might without knowing it!

Maybe you have a community of like-minded men who can share experiences and tips already, or maybe that’s why you come to I Love TS!

In any event, it’s natural to be curious and want to know what other men think when they think about sex.

What Turns Men On about Transgender Women

“To me, trans women are like warriors. They have to have incredible courage to become who they are in a world that is rigged against them from the get go. I’m especially attracted to trans women who push the boundaries of gender and wear armor unique to them.

Sure, there are lots of sexy t-girls who blend in or pass and I’m not going to turn them down if they ask. But the women I find hottest are those who march to their own drummer. They might be quirky or fierce or androgynous. Anyone who defies definition turns my crank the most.” – Logan, 33

“Call me old fashioned but simple things like high heels and a short skirt do it every time.” – Jake, 41

“I have a definite preference for breasts and cock and a black rubber outfit or leather. Tie me up and tell me what to do, and I’m yours.” – Juan, 24

“I’ve had an attraction to transexuals for as long as I can remember. Anytime I saw a film or read about someone, somehow it turned me on.

I was ashamed for a long time because I felt like pursuing a woman just because she was trans was degrading or objectifying. But the first trans woman I dated told me it was no different than preferring chubby women or Asian women. You like what you like. I will always love her for helping me understand myself. I’m turned on easily—lip gloss, a nipple poking at her blouse, a dangling a shoe—it doesn’t take much.” – Gabriel, 27

“I love watching red lips around my shaft and her looking up at me with those long eyelashes. If I find out my date is ‘in tact’ I practically explode in the middle of dinner. Not sure why that is, but it turns me on so hard.” – Vincent, 32

“I’m happy to see the world changing now and that trans attraction and transgender women are gaining acceptance. It broke my heart in my heyday how trans girls were treated like freaks. Everything about women turned me on back in the day and still does to some degree, but transexual women turned me on even more.

I fell in love with a trans woman and spent nine beautiful years with her and didn’t give a damn what people said and they said plenty. I would do it again now. Her cute little ass was all I ever needed to get excited.” – Bobby, 78

“The teacup titties.” – Devon, 22

What turns you on about trans women? Please share with us in the comments!

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