Tips for Meeting a Dominant Trans Woman

The majority of men prefer to play the dominant role inside the bedroom, but there are a growing number of men who identify as submissives or who are interested in exploring their submissive side.

If you’re a trans admirer or have a trans attraction and are looking for a dominant trans lady to put you in your place in or outside the bedroom, we have some tips for you.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Looking for a Dominant Trans Woman

What kind of a relationship am I looking for? If you’re just exploring, you may just want a casual encounter to see what’s what, if submission is really for you. Many adult online dating sites cater to the casual crowd, while still offering the possibility of more.

Am I a true submissive or just curious about dom women? Think about your romantic, sexual and nonsexual relationships to date. How do you see yourself in relation to the women in your life thus far? Do you gravitate towards A-type, Alphas who like being in charge, or do you surround yourself with more demure ladies?

What are my fantasies and fetishes around d/s relationships? Some bdsm relationships have nothing to do with sex. Maybe your fantasy is just about going to a woman’s house and scrubbing her floors naked while she digs her stiletto into your backside. Or maybe you want to suck her toes in the tub or be tied up for humiliation role playing. Only you know what you really want.

What are my boundaries? With all endeavors into the world of BDSM, you want to know what your limits are. Be sure to discuss these before you’re on your way back to her place or almost naked. Women who love casual hookups won’t be put off when you bring up expectations and alike, they will respect you.

What level of discretion do I want? There’s lots of sex clubs, fetish bars, and BDSM parties out there if you know where to look… you just might not be cool about running into your boss’ daughter or neighbor’s brother-in-law. If you crave a discreet one-time thrill, it’s probably best to use a niche dating site like to meet a ts woman who will dominate you.

After your experience, it’s important to reflect on your interaction to learn what you want and don’t want in a future exchange or relationship. But hey, maybe you met someone who you were lucky enough to keep a lasting connection with.

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