Why Do Straight Men Like Pre-Op Transexuals?

For many transgendered women who are attracted to men, relationships and dating can be challenging. A significant portion of straight men are unwilling to entertain the notion of dating a trans woman for a variety of reasons – fearing what it would imply about their sexuality, feelings that transgendered women aren’t “real women,” or because they are uneducated and steeped in the transphobia that seems to be endemic in our culture. That said, there are significant contingent within the straight male community who actively search for transsexual and transgendered women for sex and dating.

Any pre-op trans woman who has gone online looking for dates with straight men will more often than not find they fit into two broad categories. The creepers who are really all about messing with her penis, who often are indulging in their own fantasies about playing with another’s penis without it affecting their self-imposed sexual orientation standards, and the unfortunately smaller body of men who truly appreciate the unique proposition that a trans woman brings to a relationship.

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Dismissing the hordes of cock-desiring “straight men” (as most transwomen do), the men who they seek desire them in spite of their penis, not because of it, and love the hard-won battle that these ladies have gone through to achieve their womanhood. While a woman born female will often be dismissive of their femininity, or will downplay it and take it for granted, a trans woman rejoices in her femininity, relishes it. It’s that, some would say, old-fashioned embracing of the traditional feminine traits that so many trans women aspire to – dressing up in high heels, makeup, stockings and silky clothing that accentuates their femininity, unlike your born-female women who will casually throw on a pair of jeans and a hoodie and who bristles at being treated like a lady, preferring a feminist notion of equality. Hold a door for a trans woman, and you’ve made her day, hold it for a natural born woman and you might get looked at as being paternalistic, condescending or sexist.

Many trans women are searching for the man who will give them an experience that bolsters their feelings of femininity, and a man well-practiced in the ancient art of chivalry is the one who will treat them with the old fashioned respect and gallantry that has gone out of fashion in cisgender male-female pairings. That in our experience is what many trans women are looking for. They just have to sort through all the penis-chasers that stand between them and their Prince Charming.

What attracts you to trans women? Please share in the comments below.

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