Reasons to Date a Transgender Woman

Some guys are exclusively attracted to t-girls, and some are attracted to women in general, cis or trans. If you don’t fit into those categories, you may or may not have considered dating transgender women.

There are many reasons you should try dating trans women. Here are a few.

Transgender women want to meet men.

Most women find the pool of men who are eligible, decent, attractive, and available is pretty small. It gets even smaller for transgender women.

If more men who are decent and available would consider dating trans women in addition to cis women, there would be more chance for all women and the men too, to find the right connection.

Trans women are beautiful.

I’m pretty sporty and natural. I like lingerie a lot, but aside from that I’m pretty much a jeans and t-shirt or track pants and pony tail kind of girl. I don’t do my nails very often and forget to wear earrings most of the time. I wear a bit of blush and lip gloss… when I remember.

Trans women might not take all those things for granted because they are essential to helping her present and define. So ironically, many guys who are kind of old fashioned in their tastes find trans women particularly attractive.

The sex is out of this world.

Be careful about seeing trans women as a kind of fetish or kink. Her body definitely attracts a lot of curiosity and attention because it is different, and the excitement and novelty can be a real rush for a guy… until he leaves her hanging when the thrill wears off.

If you’re just into hookups, make sure that she’s just looking for that too, and don’t treat her like a sex object to be exploited then tossed aside.

That said, guys who limit their sex with women to cis women are missing out on a whole spectrum. I get really turned on by ultra feminine trans women as well as by androgyny—you know, a curvy babe in a suit with a pixie cut, that kind of thing. The spectrum out there is a real playground for the senses.

Why not?

There is no good reason NOT to date a t-girl.

If you meet a trans woman who you find attractive, ask her out the way you would any other woman. And if you haven’t already said so on your online dating profile, then specify “all women including trans” in some way to indicate that you will happily respond if a trans woman contacts you.

Because she likes you.

One of the best reasons ever for dating someone is because she has showed interest IN YOU.

If a woman who happens to be trans happens to be attracted to you, great!

You don’t need any particular kind of attraction or kink or sexual interest to date a trans woman. If a woman asks you out or invites you to ask HER, then go for it.

If you aren’t sure what to do or how to act around a trans lady, spend some time reading our blog posts, and tell her honestly that you’re not experienced and have some questions. There’s a first time for everything!

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