Privacy in Public with a Trans Woman

I just returned to the scene of the crime of passion that happened a while ago, Oasis Sex Club. And I had fond memories of a time when I had a wonderful connection to this busty trans woman who was a frequent patron of the digs.

We had a fiery connection and were flirty with each other at all times. It was fun and exciting, and I didn’t give two shits what anyone thought about my relations with them. I didn’t know at the time that it wasn’t as easy for them.

We had a night where time was open and free, and we weren’t busy with anyone else. She grabbed me, and when I tried to make out with her right there in the open where we were, she said, “Let’s go upstairs.”

When we got up there, it was exactly what I had hoped it would be—as much fiery sexual frothy passion as our mouths, bodies, genitals, and spirits could possibly share in a twenty-minute session.

What I didn’t realize until it was all said and done is that they really didn’t feel comfortable having intimate relations out in front of everyone in the sex club, for reasons that they didn’t need to explain to me.

I wasn’t offended or slighted, I just winked at her and trusted that if there was anyone they didn’t want our sexual encounter to be seen by, or that they didn’t feel safe having sex out in the open at the club, that I was cool with that.

I respected what we shared, and the privacy we will have in public places. I just hope I see them again come Pride!

If you have any experience with trans women and privacy, please share in the comments!

Addi Stewart

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