Open Yourself to Meeting Transgender Women

Different strokes for different folks is how the saying goes, right? Well, who knows how right or wrong it goes for some folks in some situations. I know how I feel, but the question is: will you feel the same?

The variables are infinite in the world of human intimacy, but the prevailing notion that too many people get beat over the head with is: this person is going to be of the “opposite sex” to you, the person you’re going to be attracted to. But we know that’s a totally untrue.

Here, we celebrate the fact that you may and can and hopefully will be interested in and attracted to ANY gender on the planet, any human being you can imagine.

To put yourself in my shoes at this moment in time, I ask you to imagine someone from out of town, in another country. Imagine becoming friends with them over the internet because they were attracted to you, and let you know in no uncertain terms. This sounds kosher and coolio, doesn’t it? It does to me.

Then, of course we get a little Hollywood twist up in this, cause what would life be without twists and turns and surprises?

I put out a message on Twitter last week, and it was an audience-generating meme. It said: “What would you do if you met me in real life?” Since I’m quite popular on social media, I thought this would be a fun experiment. And it certainly was.

My new trans friend from another country replied, “I dunno? I would ask if I could give you a blowjob, I guess!” So DIRECT, so straight up. So honest. I was a tiny bit shocked, but then I also loved how consensual it actually was in the grand scheme of things.

What ended up being my answer, after many rewrites? “Well, after such a gracious question during an introduction, how could I refuse?” And if I ever cross paths with this person… it’s going DOWN!

Fun times,
Addi Stewart

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