How to Impress Your TS Date to Get Laid

A lot of women will tell a man at the beginning of a first date that he won’t get laid because she doesn’t have sex after just meeting a man. I’ve said it many times, and I’m sure you’ve heard it more than once from a woman you ended up hooking up with at the end of the night.

Have I never had sex with a guy on a first date? Of course not. It’s just a precursor to say I don’t want you to think I’m easy or promiscuous. The truth is if I’m impressed enough or turned on enough, or just plain horny, I will likely get down and dirty. There’s still slut shamers out there, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying casual sex!

My first-date sex has sometimes led to a relationship, short and long, and sometimes it’s just a one-off with a good memory, or not so good. Lots of trans women are on dating sites looking for casual sex just like you, maybe with the possibility of something more.

So how do you impress a trans woman on a first date—turn her on so that that she at least considers going home with you, or inviting you over to her place?

3 Moves to Impress Your First Date (and Turn Her On)

1. Plan a Unique Date

If you suggest the coffee-shop first date, you’re already losing. Sorry, but it’s so boring, not to mention that it feels like a job interview which is super unsexy. The other thing that women hate about this is that everyone around you knows it’s a first date, and that makes it all the more uncomfortable.

By planning a unique date, you are showing her that you have an imagination, and she will wonder if that extends to the bedroom! There are plenty of fun first-date ideas that will up your chances of getting laid.

2. Be a Gentleman

The other off-putting move on a first date that usually signals a no-go for a hookup is being too forward. Even if a woman is only seeking casual connections, she still wants to be wooed a little. This means that she will be impressed by a man that plans the date, picks her up (if she’s comfortable with that), pays for drinks or dinner or admission to an event, and flirts with reserve.

Trans women want to feel safe when out with a new man, so if she’s not comfortable at any time during the date, be flexible and let her take the lead. Of course, you may find yourselves all over each other after one cocktail, and that’s great, though it’s not the norm.

3. Show Genuine Interest

Again, you may both be only interested in a one-night stand, but if the sex ends up being off the charts, you may want something more. To keep yourself open to the possibilities, be sure to read her dating profile a few times before actually meeting.

If you see her more than just a body, you’re more likely to have access to that body. Use the information you’ve gleaned from her profile and back and forth messages to plan that unique date that is personal to her, and to engage in conversation on your first date that isn’t just surface. Ask questions and listen attentively.

Have you had memorable first date that led to sex? Share in the comments!

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