How to Create a Trans-Positive Dating Profile

Are you all about dating beautiful trans women? Are you having trouble meeting them online or at your local bar? First off, it’s much easier to meet transgender ladies online.

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Join a niche dating site where you are assured to meet the t-girls you desire. Then create a profile that sings who you are and the trans-positive values you hold. Too much work you say? Guess what? Dating is work… but the rewards are worth it.

On dating sites, lazy men stand out… and not in a good way! They get blocked or skipped over in the same amount of time they spent on their profiles. Check out these tips that will help you to create a trans-worthy profile to attract the ladies you love.

Show yourself. Don’t be one of those guys without a profile pic (because you’re ashamed of your trans desires). Choose a variety of profile photos to post that show different sides of you. Use at least one clear head shot with you smiling. Also, no cock pics or bathroom selfies.

Mention your attraction to trans women. You might reveal that you have dated ts gals in the past or what attracts you to them (e.g. their journey, strength, beauty).

Do not focus on what you don’t want. Too often men give a laundry list of qualities they hate, and it’s a real turn off—so negative! It’s okay to say what qualities you do admire and the kind of relationship you are after, even if it’s a no-strings-attached arrangement.

Be vulnerable. Vulnerability is so sexy, especially in men. Share a few things about you that are unique and special. Quirks and idiosyncrasies are welcome in a sea of bland profiles. Trans women want to see a human, not just a dude looking for sex.

Share your dating profile tips in the comments!

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