How and Where to Meet Trans Women for Dating

The most asked question in the universe, is not “Does this make my butt look fat?” It’s “Where can I meet women?”

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All you guys want to know! Where can you meet transgender women? A quick scan of Google reveals thousands of articles on how to meet women.

Whether you’re looking for love, or just want mind-blowing sex with a t-girl tonight, you’re wondering where on earth you can meet the transgender woman of your dreams.

The answer really is “everywhere.”

There’s a Seinfeld episode where George wants Jerry to go to a party with him. George promises that girls will be there. Jerry responds with the obvious: “There’s girls everywhere. I go out of my apartment, there’s girls in the elevator. They’re in cafeterias, subways…”

The real issue is not where to find women, but how to approach them!

Try new things.

Take advantage of the “everywhere” truth. Expanding your interests and having fun also make YOU more interesting and fun to be with, which attracts women.

Put on your detective suit.

Strategize and plan.

It’s obvious that there are women everywhere you go, but your situation is a little different. Many people go through a lifetime without (knowingly) meeting a transgender person. Trans women are a small percentage of the women out there, so you could spend your whole life searching for her and not cross paths.

So, brainstorm. Where in your town would transgender gals go? Research and find trans activism events such as Pride and be open minded about attending and meeting people there. Ask any trans friends to introduce you to her friends. Google to find the places trans people feel safe. Look for social justice events and allies, such as affirming churches or awareness groups on campus.

It’s going to take a bit of research. Do it. There ARE trans women everywhere, but you have to find them. There’s no magic answer.

Meet trans women online.

Did I say there’s no magic answer? I lied. There IS a magic answer. Far and away the best place to meet transgender women is through online dating. is a great place to start.

Improve your online dating profile and online dating skills.

If you aren’t having success meeting women online, the problem is likely in your profile or approach. It’s not about “where to meet trans women” but “how to interest trans women.”

Take some time to refine and update your profile. Aim for a mix of photos, and try to convey a sense of humor, or adventure, and the things you care about.

Use details in your profile. “I went to a pepper festival in Louisiana to source the spiciest hot sauces for my softball team’s chili cookout” says a lot more than “loves to cook.”

“I love badminton, tennis, ping pong, and all the paddle sports you can imagine” says a lot more than “active and in good shape.”

Ask a trusted female friend or sister for help.

No idea how to update your profile and make it stand out? Your best bet is to ask a girlfriend or sister to help you. Women respond to detail and emotion, and if you’re not sure how to put it there, ask someone who is.

Soon you’ll be getting lots of callbacks from the cute transexuals who didn’t know you were alive!

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