Free Transexual Dating: Don’t Try This at Home

You’ve probably arrived here because you were searching around for a free shemale dating site, or even typed in the words “free transexual dating”. My post may not be what you want to hear, but by the end of it I may have you convinced: when you’re looking for a site that is going to help you meet and hook up with hot transwomen, there are few reasons why “pay to play” is the way to go..

Way More Options

Any trans dating site is already quite niche, but the number of free sites is very small. I think there are maybe 1 or 2 free tranny dating sites out of the total number. You can find a pretty good run down of all the major trans sites here. The thing is, you’re not only shutting yourself off from the largest transexual dating sites, like, but you’re also missing out on all the awesome features that will actually help you get to the hookup stage.

Some of these paid sites have huge numbers of trans members who choose to pay for discretion and privacy (see below), as well as videos and live video chat. And did I mention all the nudity that these sites get away with? If you’re having a hard time finding local tgirls online and you haven’t tried these sites, you’re missing out big time.

Discretion is Often Key

Before I get flamed, please let me say that I don’t think that everyone who dates transexuals wants to keep it a secret, and nor should they! But since I’ve been reviewing and writing about tranny dating sites for years now, I simply know that many men who are seeking transexuals for sex or dating are not necessarily open about it and do want to keep it a secret. Whether this is because they’re in a relationship, worry about how others would perceive their sexual identity, or something else, it’s not my place to judge nor condone their desire for discretion.

That said, if a discreet transexual adventure is what you’re seeking then trust me, you don’t want a free tranny dating site, unless you’d like your picture pasted all over the outer page of the website. The only free one that I actually know of shows it’s members profile pictures to anyone on the site. (They also seem to specialize in shemale escorts, so I’m not sure how it ends up being free in the end!) Sites that offer a paid membership keep their members pics on the inside of the site only, and often show them only to other paying members. So unless your mom is going to join a tranny site, she will never know.

Your Excuses Are No Longer Valid

When a guy tells me he doesn’t want to pay to join a dating site so that he can hook up, I am simply baffled. If the reason is that he doesn’t have the cash to spend then I really don’t think this man could take a woman on any sort of date to begin with. A membership on a site like TSmeet is something like $29 a month. If a guy goes to a bar to try and pick up a transwoman, he is going to spend more than that in one night just on drinks! For the same amount he can hit on trannies online who actually want to hookup all month long. And the other excuse I’m going to debunk is when a guy doesn’t want to use his credit card for privacy reasons. What about a prepaid credit card? They work like a charm with no statements arriving in the mail.

Why Not Take a Test Drive?

The last thing I’m going to say here is that you’ve really got nothing to lose by trying a site like TSmeet or TSdating or whichever one you choose. Most of them offer a free basic membership anyways, so if you take a look around and don’t see anyone you like then you can always walk away free and clear. Plus, the chatrooms and member videos are also free on some sites. Give it a shot and enjoy yourself!

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