Can Your Really Find a TS Girlfriend Online?

If the dating sites aimed at meeting transwomen were my only indication, it would appear that men only want to meet transwomen for hookups and one night stands. We know that’s not true though, and there are many men who are eager to meet a TS woman that they can wine, dine, and find romance with. is a great site for finding local TS who want to meet new guys, but there’s an emphasis on sex that comes with all the nudity and naughty videos. Can you find a relationship in such an environment? I wouldn’t rule it out. Although it would be great if there were a trans dating site that was aimed more at relationships, I simply haven’t found it. So let’s work with what we’ve got, shall we?

Choose a site with a LOTS of members in order to maximize your chances and meet people with a variety of intentions, even if the main focus of the site is hooking up.

Present yourself accordingly. If a girlfriend is what you’re seeking, say so on your profile. Make sure that potential dates know that you are relationship-minded, so that you can attract the transexual members who have the same desire.

Leverage social media by liking and hanging out on pages dedicated to transwomen. The TSmeet page on Facebook is a great place to start as they don’t mind if you post and use the page to connect with other members. And it’s free!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Sign up for more than one site if only to check out the local profiles with their free memberships. Also consider joining support and discussion forums. Find a short list of some of these resource sites here.

What is your experience with finding TS relationships? Let us know in the comments, or answer our poll: Where Do You Meet Your Transexual Lovers?

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