Ideas to Consider Before Dating a Transexual

For the purposes of this article we’re differentiating hooking-up with a transexual from the subject of actually dating a transexual as they are distinctly different subjects. Here we’ll be looking at an actual relationship, rather than a one-off.

Are you comfortable with the notion that your partner was born a male, and still possess a Y chromosome? While your potential partner is a woman, she wasn’t always, and this can be an impediment to some. Some trans-women can “pass” (a somewhat derogatory notion), others less so. Are you okay with that?

Dating a transexual woman can open you up to unfounded criticism, from strangers and from family and friends. You and your lady might be called gay, you may face trans discrimination and hostility for no reason other than ignorance and maliciousness toward anyone who doesn’t fit some fictional biblical ideal. Are you emotionally strong enough to face down the ignorant naysayer?

Many women in transition may still have penises, or might not intend, or cannot afford, to have it altered. Most who still have male parts would prefer you leave it alone, and while most are quite willing and able to perform their “girlfriend” duties receiving you anally, for many playing with their penises is usually off the table. Are you okay with that?

Most of all, transexual women are women and want to be treated as such. Perhaps because of the struggles associated with coming to terms with their identity and the hardships placed upon them over their identities, transl women are particularly sensitive and desire a higher level of gallantry than your typical cisgender woman. Of course we can’t speak for every woman here, but most enjoy being treated like a lady, with respect and consideration.

Are you up to being a gentleman?

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