Coming Out as Transgender

Coming out as trans is probably the most difficult kind of admission a person can make. Even people who are gay can sometimes be unsupportive, because shifting from one gender to another isn’t something that can fit easily into the paradigm of how we sexually identify with each other, how we sexually identify with ourselves.

Sometimes it takes a long time for a trans person to realize or come to terms with their need to transition. It is like swimming against the current all the time because everyone in your life might be telling you that what you want is somehow not legitimate. They will tell you that you need therapy, or just time to think things through. There will people who will never be willing to accept the new you, and people who will simply cut you out of their lives for good.

Sometimes these people can be close family members, or people who were willing to be your anchors of support—as long as you conformed to their idea of normal.  t is no wonder that trans people often feel such despair, or become estranged from their families and friends.

Things are even worse when family members try to use the Bible or their religion to pull trans people back into the fold of so-called normality. When you think about the kinds of things that religious education can do to the minds of young people, you honestly have to ask yourself who truly should be in therapy.

This is probably why nearly half of all the people who identify as, or come out as trans, end up attempting suicide at some point.

I am writing this because if you are attracted to a trans person, if you have desires for one, the best thing you can do to win their hearts is to show them love and acceptance. The best thing you can do is to let them know that they are in a place where they are safe, that they are in a place where they can discover what they want to become and move at their own speed, and without judgement.

Sure, I can write about where to take a trans person on a date, or how to romance them just like any other person would like… those things matter for sure! At the same time, though, acceptance without judgement goes a long way toward opening a person’s heart. Listening to their stories and taking them seriously matters. Showing them love will help them see that there are things in the world worth living for, and that everyone deserves happiness and love.

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