How to Make a Trans Person Feel Good on a Date

Everyone goes on dates to feel good, feel wanted, and maybe even get laid. However, sometimes dating a trans person can be a little confusing, even though it’s really fun. Here are some tips to make your trans date feel like a million dollars and help you clinch the hookup or at least a kiss at the end of the night.

Compliment them on their looks according to their gender presentation. “If you’re dating a trans woman and she has really gone all out to impress you on your date, compliment her outfit and hair,” encourages Paula Trainer, a dating specialist at Transgender Hookups. “Pick your favorite aspect of her sexy look. She probably put a lot of time and effort into it!”

Let them ask for advice, don’t offer it. If a transgal is feeling strange about her style, she might ask and say something like “Do you think this is feminine?” In that case, give your advice. However, don’t offer up tips like “You would look more feminine if…”

Let your trans date talk about their gender history. If you get to know her well enough, your trans lover will tell you all about how they became transgender and fill you in on all the details. It is best to let them bring it up though.

Do ask about your trans date’s life. This includes family, interests, hobbies, job, goals for the future and quirky qualities. This will show you are keen to get to know all of her. Talk about your own life, too!

Just relax! If it is your first date out with a trans woman, don’t be nervous. You will find that trans people are just like you! They want love, romance and lust, and are no different from anyone else. A trans chick just wants to have a good time with a hot date and maybe hook up or let something beautiful bloom into a relationship.

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