7 Qualities a Trans Woman Looks for in a First Date

When you meet a trans woman for a first date, whether in hopes of hooking up or something more serious, there are certain qualities she will be looking for.

7 Qualities that will Impress a Trans Woman 

  1. Truthfulness. Maybe you’ve had a back-and-forth dialogue for a few days or weeks. She will expect that you are who you have represented yourself to be in your dating profile and pictures.
  2. Honesty. You don’t have to tell her your life story, but be clear about your intentions (usually best to do before even meeting). It’s okay to say that you’re looking for casual sex in a dating profile, because many women want just that too.
  3. Patience. To go through what a trans woman is or has takes a lot of patience, so this is a quality she will want in a man. Don’t expect her to reveal everything about herself just because you’re interested. Ask questions that aren’t too specific and that allow her to open up at her own pace.
  4. Understanding. If you have an attraction to trans women, it best not be a fetish that you’ve cultivated through shemale porn. Trans sex videos do not translate to real life sex. Educate yourself on the issues, because it’s not her job to do so.
  5. Chivalry. Being a gentleman never goes out of style. Show up on time, be a good listener, offer your coat if she’s cold, and offer to pick up the tab for drinks or dinner. First date impressions are super important, even if it’s casual.
  6. Fun Loving. Being trans and the journey is no laughing matter, but she is likely to have used humor as a way of coping through some of it. Don’t be afraid to make her laugh and make fun of yourself. A sense of humor trumps looks for many women!

Just remember, this advice isn’t that different for a first date with a cis woman, so take a deep breath and act accordingly.

Please share any advice or experiences you have that you think would add to this.

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