5 Tips For Finding a TS Date

There are few things sexier than a beautiful transgender woman, all dressed up and ready to be wined and dined by you.

5 tips to make your TS date as hot as your trans companion!

1. Think about your own needs.
What makes your breath catch and your pulse quicken? A high femme TS woman, or a relatively butch gender-queer transgender lady? Though love and kinky sex know no bounds, be honest with yourself regarding your own tastes. This will make for a more satisfying experience all around.

2. Look to dating sites that correspond with your ideal TS woman.
Think about your ideal TS woman – how do you describe her? For some, shemale hookups are not what they’re looking for. A site that respects TS women is where to look. Everyone is different, but TSmeet.com is a good place to start.

3. Ask questions.
There is more to a good date than just a hot body, beautiful face, and sensual sex. Ask your TS date questions to make sure you are sexually compatible with transsexual women.

4. Be open to a little romance.
All women love a little romance, and TS women are no different. Even if you are just looking for a fling, don’t be afraid to show women your softer side. You may bring out the wild woman in her later!

5. Kinky sex with TS women is likely.
We’ve all heard the saying “Lady on the street and a freak between the sheets.” This can apply to TS women too. Take the time to get to know your TS date, then explore what kind of fun sexy kinky adventures you can have together!

Do you have another great tip for dating TS women? Let us know!

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