5 Tips for Dealing with TS Online Dating Rejection

Have you been through the online dating wringer with trans women? Are you ready to throw in the towel and crawl under a rock? This may sound a bit exaggerated, but it can be hard to just shake it off sometimes.

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Tips for Online Dating Rejection

1. Take a break. If you feel yourself carrying anger or harboring resentment from rejection, it’s time to go offline and chill. Negativity attracts negativity, just like the old saying misery loves company. And no one needs that.

2. Do something for you. When you’re down in the dumps about anything, a great thing to do is give yourself a little treat. Enjoy one of your favorite activities that’s not dating related. This could be a day trip to the country or taking a new class to learn more about a passion.

3. Keep on trucking. By this I mean keep on asking women out. Check out our tips on first messages and updating your dating profile to increase your chances of meeting a trans lady. Rejection can be water off a duck’s back for some, and that’s a good thing as long as you also glean from the disappointments how to improve your game.

4. Try a new dating site. If you’re trying to meet trans women on OkCupid, you might want to rethink your strategy. Consider joining a niche dating site like TSmeet.com that caters to trans women and the men who admire them.

5. Go against type. We all have a certain type of person we gravitate to—consciously or not—when it comes to dating. It may have to do with looks or career or ethnicity. If you’re suffering a spate of rejection, why not do a one-eighty and take a chance on someone who you normally wouldn’t, especially if this woman messages you first.

How do you get through a dating rough patch or dry spell?

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