5 Things Your Trans Date Wishes You Knew about Her Body

Maybe you’ve been around the block a few times, or maybe you’re new and nervous as you embark on meeting transgender women. Whatever your level of experience with women, her body is always something of a mystery, isn’t it?

With transgender women, her body has even more manifestations. Here are some things trans women want you to know.

5 Things She Wishes You Knew

1. Her cock isn’t always up for grabs.

You might think you’re doing her a big favor by accepting her penis and incorporating it into your love play.

The idea of the hermaphrodite with a throbbing hard phallus and sensual soft breasts can be overwhelmingly arousing, but that doesn’t mean she fits that idea.

Just because she has a cock doesn’t mean she wants to use it. It can be painful to her gender dysphoria, or hormones and other factors may make it difficult to operate the way you operate yours.

2. But… she might not want you to neglect her penis.

There are some trans women who feel neglected and rejected if you don’t accept her as she is, sexually. Be ready to give her a blowjob, and if she wants to take pleasure from stroking and touching or penetrating you—lucky you! The best way forward is to make no assumptions—don’t assume her cock is out of bounds, and don’t assume she wants to use it.

Ask her what feels good and what doesn’t, and respect those boundaries. Make it clear that you are open to updated communications.

3. She can have an orgasm.

Some of us might mistakenly assume that a transgender woman is unable to use her vajay jay to the point of orgasm.

While this is certainly true of some women—cis or trans—in general, transgender women report better orgasms after gender-affirming surgery. The vagina and clitoris function as intended.

4. Her new vagina requires a lot of time and patience to create and maintain.

You might be understandably eager to test drive her vagina after its construction, or assume it’s ready to rock when you are.

But a trans woman who has recently had surgery may not be as eager to try it out as you. That’s because she spends a major part of her day, every day, for a year or more, dilating. The body is trying to close the cavity that has been created, and it is very tight and tender. She has to insert special dilation dildos for hours every single day, and it is painful and time consuming and not very erotic.

5. Her breasts are her pride and joy.

While most women often wish their breasts were different—bigger, smaller, firmer, higher, symmetrical, or any other number of things—inside we are still in love with our tits and happy to have them. They connect us to our femininity and sensuality and sense of aesthetic beauty in ways nothing else can.

A transgender woman has dreamed of having breasts all her life. For some women, she may never remove her penis or have a vagina, but she has grown these beautiful breasts with hormones and a surgeon’s hand. Make sure you acknowledge those breasts, find out how she likes them to be touched, compliment and kiss them.

What else can you add to this list as a trans woman, or trans admirer?

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