5 Online Dating No No’s for Trans Admirers

A lot of people play fast and loose when it comes to online dating. They see it as a game, sending messages without thought and hooking up with a love-em-and-leave-em attitude.

Even if you are just online to meet trans women for casual sex, there are some behaviors that are unacceptable. I like to write my posts here with a positive air, but occasionally (often from my own horrible experiences with online dating) I have to send a tsk-tsk message out into the universe.

5 Online Dating No No’s

  1. Writing a half-ass profile. This includes not posting a profile picture (this sends a message that you are ashamed of your trans attraction) or not filling out all or most areas about yourself. With little effort, you can expect little results. The more detailed and specific you are about what you are looking for, the more you can expect to find it.
  2. Lying in your profile. The big one here would be lying about your relationship status (you are married but say you’re single). Other bothersome lies include age and weight (using a profile pic from ten years ago).
  3. Misleading with your intentions. Often men will say they are open to a relationship (even if there’s no interest in something serious) to attract more ladies. Cut to the chase if you’re only looking for casual hookups or a friend-with-benefits arrangement. There’s no shortage of women looking for the same, believe me.
  4. Bringing sexual expectations to the first date. That’s right, even for casual dating, a woman wants and deserves to be wooed a little. Treat her like a lady and give her all the respect. Most women want and need to get to know a man to some degree before they sleep with you. Also, first messages should never be sexually explicit; these are rude and presumptuous.
  5. Rejecting rejection. This is extremely bad behavior. If a woman doesn’t respond to a first message on a dating site, move on. If a woman doesn’t respond to your text after a first date, move on. While persistence is a good quality to have when it comes to online dating, this doesn’t mean hounding a woman who is clearly not  interested. Even if you think her rejection was callous, there is no reason to respond in kind.

Now you know what not to do, go forth and send a beautiful trans woman a message that grabs her attention and has her considering a reply.

No one said online dating was easy. It takes persistence and fortitude, and a thick skin… but it also takes respect and understanding.

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