4 Online Dating Complaints from Trans Women

Want to meet the trans girl of your dreams online? Then don’t be this guy.

Online dating is the best chance people have to make the love connection or find the perfect hookup. It affords the freedom and opportunity to meet lovers who share your desires, kinks, interests, and caters to all ages and communities and predilections.

Make the most of the opportunity to meet transgender women online, while avoiding these mistakes that women complain about.

4 Online Dating Complaints from Trans Women

1. You’re married.

One of the top complaints about online dating by women is that you’re married and still sniffing around for more.

If you’re married and have an open relationship, there are plenty of poly sites like PolyamoryDate.com or situation specific sites where women are looking for arrangements with married men.

Don’t mess around on dating sites where transgender women are looking for relationships with someone who is available.

Even if you’re just seeking hookups, you’re a douche if you think it’s okay. Women aren’t necessarily fine with sneaking around behind your wife’s back, even if you are, even if it’s just sex. Either be clear from the get go that you are a married man, or use sites that cater to your situation.

2. You’re looking for hookups on relationship dating sites, or vice versa.

It’s shocking how many guys are asking transgender women for hot hookups when the site is geared to relationships or even marriage. There are SO MANY sites for casual encounters or specific kinds of sexual interests and kinks like BDSMdate.com that there is no reason to misrepresent what you want, or to waste her time.

Transgender women who are looking for casual encounters are also surprised when you talk about dating and love.

Use the kind of website that caters to what you’re seeking, and wherever you are, be clear about your intentions. If you’re not sure, say so. “I’m just meeting people casually for dating and sex, not looking for anything serious right now” is honest. So is, “I’m looking for the right woman to settle down with, and I’m not looking for casual encounters. Let’s try a few dates and see how we get along before getting physical.”

3. You’re not taking her specifications, requests, kinks, or interests seriously.

If her profile tells you what she’s into, what she’s not into, and what she is looking for in a man, take her at her word. A woman doesn’t want to be second guessed, or told what she should want, or waste time dating someone who doesn’t mesh with her values or her fetishes.

Respect what she says. At the very least, be up front so she can decide how big a difference it makes. For example, “I’m not tall, even though your profile mentions wanting a guy who towers over you. I do love dogs and goddess worship. If two out of three ain’t bad, message me back.”

4. You’re a tranny chaser.

It’s tricky for a trans woman to date. She obviously is going to attract guys who are open to transgender women or have a thing for them, but she still wants to be treated like a human being, not just a sex object or fetish. If you’re a trans admirer, or someone trans attracted, obviously you’re going to look for trans women to date. But make sure you respect the fact that she is not just a body for you to dump your kinks on.

Even if you are just looking for clandestine hookups to satisfy your sexual desires, treat her as a person with desires too. Make sure she is satisfied, and treat her kindly in messages, phone calls, and with respect to her time.

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